Powerball Winner Will和第039;继续在Trutk&Y.S. 039;在50000美元计分之后

“坚持卡车”是在麦克角商店在普雷斯顿大街163号买新彩票和检查别人从以前的图纸时,他意识到他赢了大。“就像桑福德和儿子。”我像心脏病发作一样抓住了我的心。快乐的赢家笑着说。在20世纪70年代的电视节目中,由先锋喜剧演员Redd Foxx扮演的Fred Sandford在一个令人惊讶的消息时,一只手抓住他的胸部,向后摇晃。多切斯特县男人是一个忠诚的马里兰彩票玩家,他喜欢玩像Powerball和每日数字游戏一样的抽奖游戏,以及划痕。“我不常喝酒。我不抽烟。这是我喜欢的一个小爱好,”他说。

A dump truck driver by profession, the 65-year-old Hurlock resident plans to use some of the proceeds from his prize in the Aug. 11 drawing to pay off the loan on his pickup truck. “Keen on Truckin,’ ” as the anonymous winner dubbed himself, also plans to provide a substantial, though belated, wedding gift to his daughter. A dozen years ago, he said, he gave her away in the ceremony but lacked funds to give her a gift he considered appropriate.

“She said, ‘Don’t worry about it, Daddy,’ ” the happy winner recalled. “She’s a wonderful girl.”

“Keep on Truckin’ ” was at Mike’s Corner Store at 163 Main Street in Preston buying new Lottery tickets and checking others from previous drawings when he realized he had won big.

“It was like ‘Sanford and Son.’ I grabbed my heart like I was having a heart attack!” the happy winner said with a wide smile. In the iconic 1970s TV show, Fred Sandford, played by pioneering comic Redd Foxx, would grab his chest with one hand and stagger backwards when confronted with surprising news.

The Dorchester County man is a loyal Maryland Lottery player; he enjoys playing draw games like Powerball and the daily numbers games, as well as scratch-offs. “I don’t drink very often. I don’t smoke. It’s a little hobby I enjoy,” he said.

Powerball Winner Will和第039;继续在Trutk&Y.S. 039;在50000美元计分之后


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